Miniature Nubian Does

Irish Rose Acres Juniper “Juni”


Juni came to us at just over 3 weeks old.  She is a 2nd Generation (F2) Miniature Nubian born March 9th, 2017.  She is currently unregistered though we are working with the breeding farm to obtain the proper paperwork for her parents in order to register her with the MDGA. She is an experimental since she is only a F2.  She was dam raised for the first few weeks and then has been bottle fed since.  She is super sweet and talkative, though her voice is not quite as loud as our other Miniature Nubian.

Precious Promises Ribbon

Ribbon came to us at just shy of 1 year old.  She is a 5th generation (F5) Miniature Nubian born May 1st, 2016.  She is currently still registered as experimental, though we will be working to get her registered under American as she does meet breed standards.  She is super sweet and talkative (she is the loud one). Her sire come from Green Gable lines and her mother comes from Eddy Place lines.  She was 1 of 4!  She is the only one of our goats so far without a tree name since she came to us already named and registered.

  • Sire: HHF LGE Dutchman’s Breeches
  • Dam: Still Waters Mary Pearl
  • Sire’s Sire: Goat Feather’s Farm Romeo
  • Sire’s Dam: Green Gables Milk ‘N Honey Raisin
  • Dam’s Sire: Eddy Place Nosey
  • Dam’s Dam: Eddy Place Marcie