About Wilson’s Willow Tree Farm and our family

Wilson’s Willow Tree Farm really came into existence in March of 2016 when we brought home Willow, our first Nubian goat. It was the same day that we built the goat pen and she slept in a dog crate in our garage.

A few weeks later, we added Buckeye, our Nubian wether as a companion for Willow. In March 2016, two of our children participated in the Clark County Fair’s rabbit scramble, thus adding Buddy (netherland dwarf) and Sugar (new zealand) to our farm. In March 2017, Cypress the mini donkey joined our farm. In April of 2017, we added Juniper and Ribbon. Juniper is a 2nd generation mini nubian and Ribbon is a 5th generation mini nubian. Lastly, in May of 2017, Walnut will join our farm as out 7th generation mini nubian herd sire.

In April 2017, we officially became Homegrown by Heroes certified for our goats and products made from them (and select woodworking adventures). This was received because Steph served four years in the Army with a tour in Afghanistan. Outside of our home flies an American flag and an Army flag. Farm life is vastly different than those years in the Army, but it is definitely a change she needed.

Back story to our farm is that Matt and Steph married in 2014. In November of 2014, we purchased 5 acres of land with a house with the intent to add animals. We have four children between us who love to show the goats at the fair. We also have two dogs and two cats who all live indoors.

That is about it for our farm. You can also visit our facebook to gain more day-to-day knowledge of us.